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Published on:
June 6, 2020

How This Quick Stretching Routine is The Secret To Full Splits...
Helps Release Tension In The Hips, Lower Back...
And You Don't Need A Gym Or Equipment to do it

Dan Bryant
I used to dream of performing high kicks, straddle presses, and pancake stretches...

Tight hips and low back pain would keep me from performing these moves and participating in my favorite sports.

I loved to run and I knew the range of motion in my hips was decreasing with age...

The length of my stride was getting shorter and I was getting slower.

I thought I had to stop doing the things I loved and accept the fact I was getting older and couldn't do anything to help my situation.

I used to run 10k and now I have trouble playing 18 holes of golf without having to sit down.

I was only 40 and the pinching in my hips made me feel well in my 70's.

Then one day, while doing a gym workout... I went to pick up a weight and BAM... My back locked up and I was locked in a forward hunch...

I had to drop to the floor.
It was so frustrating...

Every time I felt I was getting ahead in my training, I would be thrown two steps back.

I searched the internet for anything I could find to help me.
I remember trying classical stretching methods, taught to me by sports experts and coaches that failed. 

I was used to doing long strenuous workout routines that produced slow gains in flexibility, disappearing the day after.

Little did I know, those conventional stretching methods were sabotaging my muscle strength and reducing my mobility.

I felt a constant tightness in my back ever since the spasm.

No matter what I tried, my legs and back were tight and I had trouble touching my toes.

I tried yoga, dynamic and static stretching…

I even tried stretching machines.

It was as if the more I stretched, the more tight I became.

One day, a friend told me about a quick 8-minute stretching routine he was doing 3-4 times a week.

It was helping his flexibility improve even though he was in his 50's.

When I first heard about the HYPERBOLIC STRETCHING online video program, I was skeptical.

I questioned whether doing the 8-minute stretching program was really enough to produce results.

I went through the testimonials from people going through the program and the results seemed amazing.

Even Older men, who thought a hamstring was the rope tied around a ham at the butcher, were reporting gains in flexibility within the first weeks of starting the program.

So I tried it out for myself…

If You’re A Person Who Needs More Flexibility, More Speed And Power Without Wasting Precious Time With Outdated Methods…
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I ordered it online and received the link to the videos and bonus online eBooks right away in my inbox…

The first time I tried the quick stretching series, I remember thinking whether I had done enough.

The exercises were challenging but they were easy to complete.

After the first week, I felt a new found flexibility when I was walking.

My clicking hips were better and the pinching in my hip started to go away after the second week.

During my third and fourth week, I had less gains in flexibility but I was stronger in the stretched positions and was able to hold the more difficult ones.

My lower back didn’t feel like it had a bar going through it and I was finally able to touch my toes.

I was amazed [This 8-minute Flexibility solution] helped my hip flexors, adductors, and hamstrings become as flexible as they’ve ever been...

Doing these stretches freed up my lower back, allowing me to hit new levels of flexibility and get back to my training.

I can feel mobility improvement in my hips and I don’t feel the tightness I felt before from sitting down for long periods of time.

Stop Sacrificing Strength Capacity To Gain Flexibility

Discover The 8-Minute Secret To Full Splits, Hip Power And Instant Lower Back Comfort... Without Gym Or Equipment!

This "Neuromuscular Loophole" Helps Release Tension In The Hips And Lower Back

Ex PC programmer turned professional flexibility and core strength expert has created a video training system on how to achieve full splits in just 8-minutes per day, all while melting away stubborn body fat along the way.

Here are a few examples of what you'll find in the 4-week Hyperbolic Stretching video training:

This 3-second muscle contraction secret that lets you drop in full splits or strike advanced yoga poses with a smile on your face.

The ultimate full-body flexibility routine even the stiffest weightlifter will benefit with long-lasting effects.

The full body flexibility maintenance program that only takes 6-minutes per week so you can focus on your other training goals.

The biggest stretching mistake everyone does when trying to develop static or dynamic flexibility.

The most effective warm-up to prepare for the main training and avoid injury.

How to develop strength in the pelvic floor muscles, crucial to improve and maintain long-term prostate health.

Speaking of bladder and bowel control... a strong pelvic floor and healthy prostate is known to increase sexual endurance.

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